Welcome to Day 21 of the Holiday Challenge!

Today’s featured mentor is Erin Stutland

Today’s interview is a powerful one.  It was chosen as the perfect way to take what you’ve learned and practiced over the past few weeks and start integrating it into your body, physically. In other words, it’s an opportunity to take the powerful concept of self care and start letting it sink in, so you can embody it.

To get the most out of today’s Challenge, I suggest that you look over some of the reflection questions you’ve answered in your workbook (or support guide), and then do some more reflecting as you do today’s Challenge (don’t worry: I explain in detail 6 minutes into the video).

As coaches and soon-to-be coaches, “walking our talk” is the key to growing our businesses successfully and serving our clients with integrity. Because “walking your talk” actually means using self care as the basis for your coaching practice.

And as you’ll learn on Thursday’s call, it all starts with you. You practice it, live it, – and then lead your clients from that place of self care.

Our special guest mentor today is Erin Stutland. Erin is a coach, a fitness professional, and an AFAA-certified instructor. She is also the creator of her popular workout program, Shrink Session. She’s been featured on top-rated shows like The Today Show and The Dr. Oz Show. And her fitness program has appeared in Glamour Magazine, Hello Giggles, and Shape.com.

Erin is also an exciting mentor inside the full-length coach training program, Mentor Masterclass. One of my favorite parts of Erin’s full-length training session has to do with growing as a coach and business owner. For example, we talk about what it takes to be willing to grow and expand to hold the space for more and more clients, and the internal shifts we need to take so we can be willing to receive the success we’re looking for.


How to Play Full-Out

1. Watch the Video

Watch today’s video to learn what Erin is teaching. At the end of the video she’ll give you today’s challenge. Follow her instructions and play along with us!

The daily challenges are designed to be fun and easy ways to practice what you learn in the videos, while having some holiday fun inside our supportive community of coaches and mentors at the same time.

Want more details about how to play? Click here to watch the welcome video from Day 1 and get all the information you need.

2. Share & Win Prizes

Follow the instructions (in the video) and then share on Instagram, Facebook, and / or Twitter, using the tags #MMHolidayChallenge, @RSVPwJey, @EStuland, or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/EStutland/ and https://www.facebook.com/mentormasterclass

Also follow me on Instagram @RSVPwJey. This is the best place to make sure I personally see what you post.

We’re tracking tags and shares, so the more you play, the more chances you have to win.

REMEMBER, I’ll be announcing the winners at The Power Of Themes Call on January 7th! Are you joining us? Have you signed up to get the call-in details? CLICK HERE to be sure!

3. Sign Up for the [Live] Power Of Themes Call

It’s our special, live, wrap-up call to celebrate the sisterhood, personal growth, and self care rituals you’ve experienced during the challenge.

You’ll discover the power of starting your New Year with a new theme, as I guide you through an easy meditation to choose your theme for the year (we’ll do this live, during the call!).

Plus, I’ll show you how to build on what you’ve already started practicing in the Challenge, so you can start and grow your coaching business, based on self care. In other words, I’ll share a sneak peek inside my signature coach training program, Mentor Masterclass, and show you the exact process I teach inside the course. When you learn this 4-step process, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how to use self care as the foundation to start and grow your coaching business.

We’ll also announce the prize winners, the Mentor Masterclass virtual self-study scholarship winner, and the winner of the scholarship to my full-length Mentor Masterclass signature program. Learn more and sign up here.

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4. Earn a Full Scholarship to Mentor Masterclass

Today is the LAST DAY to submit your application!

If you’d like to be considered for a full scholarship to Mentor Masterclass, answer all of the reflection questions and submit all three chapters of the Reflection & Support Guides. Make sure to email all three chapters between Sunday, January 3rd and Monday January 4th to support@mentormasterclass.com.

The deadline to enter is TODAY, Monday, January 4th at 5pm Eastern.

NOTE: The chapter guides are provided in .docx, you may edit this document by typing directly into it using Word, or choose to save your reflections/answers in another format [i.e., Pages, notepad] that works for you.

Click here to download Chapter 1
Click here to download Chapter 2
Click here to download Chapter 3

Each chapter contains the questions for videos you’ve already watched during the week, to help reinforce and review what you’ve learned. This means you will need to keep track of your progress during the week using a regular Word or Pages document (or a written journal). Then simply follow the instructions inside the workbook when you receive it.

Here are important instructions:

In addition to submitting all three chapter guides, you will also need to submit the Mentor Masterclass Exploration Application.

    • To get the Exploration Application, go to: http://mentormasterclass.com/apply/
    • Cut and paste one of the following answers to the second-to-last exploration question, “Is there anything else you’d like Coach Jey to know?”

    Here are your choices:

    Option 1: I only want to be considered for the scholarship. If I’m not chosen I’m giving up my opportunity to enroll now.

    Option 2: I am interested in taking a step closer to join Mentor Masterclass, whether or not I win the scholarship.  I’d love to pursue this opportunity further and want an invitation to an intimate sister circle consult with Jeannine if my application is accepted.

    We’ll choose a scholarship winner and announce her name during the live wrap-up call in January.

    5. Review, Reflect, & Get Caught Up

    The next few days are for review and more reflection. After you watch today’s challenge video, spend a few minutes getting caught up on anything you’ve missed.

    Here are the links to watch any videos you haven’t seen yet:

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    6. Download the Holiday Challenge Reflection & Support Guide

    We’ve taken all the reflection questions from each day’s challenge and put them into one handy place for you. To get this week’s support guide just click here to download.

    This support guide is designed for everyone, to help you get the most out of the challenge whether or not you are applying for the scholarship.

    Use it in the way that serves you the best, and know that it comes with our love as well.

    7. Join the Holiday Challenge Sisterhood

    Lean in, receive support, and share in the heart-felt bonds we’re creating in the private Facebook group. (If you haven’t yet, click here to join us.)

    My intention is to fill this year’s Challenge with love, sisterhood, and celebration.

    I welcome you with open arms and an open heart and I look forward to connecting in a deeply felt way during this very special season.

    Yours in sisterhood,


    Have friends or family who would like to join us?

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    Three years ago I discovered a new way to start the New Year. Since then, I’ve turned it into a powerful annual ritual that has changed my life.

    Every time I do this ritual, I open myself up to experience my divine Soul purpose in magical ways.

    I’m continually amazed when I go through the short and easy process because it can change everything about the way we see and respond to events in our lives.

    Now I want to share that same experience with you. Join me here.

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    Have Questions?

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