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Sora Surya No

December 23rd, 2013 | Comments Off on Sora Surya No

As a Seeker of Playful Living, a Holder of Women’s Circle, and a Lover of being in the earth today as a woman – Sora finds herself helping everyone she comes into contact with, through different healing venues.

While experiencing some painful physical challenges some years back, she found her voice and gifts wrapped in these not so hidden opportunities that were before her. She saw that life was working for her, not against her, and it was in these moments that she allowed her calling to find her.

She found that she is here to empower others.

Sora works with her clients through yoga medicine, mindfulness, circling and life coaching, As a consistent and devoted student of these practices herself, she is here to invite you to envision your life journey as one you are powerfully co-creating on a daily basis. By becoming conscious of what an important role you play in your life, Sora believes there is only magic to bring forth and create together. Her clients range from all ages, and know that living a joyful life is beautifully important.

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