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Laura Dinstell

December 23rd, 2013 | Comments Off on Laura Dinstell

Laura Dinstell brings heart & soul to an industry that often lacks both. After learning the ropes in the take-no-prisoners world of big advertising, Laura’s entrepreneurial spirit and an intuitive hunch that there was a better way to reach people, inspired Laura to walk away from a prestigious corporate gig to begin building a different kind of shop.

A few short years and a lot of hard work later, Laura’s dream has become a reality: free from the constraints of a single office, she leads an all-star design + marketing team to create a level of branding that inspires clients and customers alike.

Most importantly, she now has the freedom to choose which people she aligns with – individuals who are as driven and passionate about their work as she is. People who recognize exactly what they are meant to do and need a partner who can guide them through the new world of digital marketing.

Laura believes that everyone should have a mission – hers is to find the truly bold women of the world and elevate their vision for all to see.

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