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How to Break Through Thinking “Can I Become a Life Coach if I am Young? (Guest Post by Coach Terena Barajas)

August 26th, 2013 | no comments

How to Break Through Thinking “Can I Become a Life Coach if I am Young? (Guest Post by Coach Terena Barajas)

The most important moment of my coaching career so far has been the day I decided I was a life coach. That’s right, the day I DECIDED.

Not the day I finished training or gave a successful talk or workshop.


I was on my own, at home, and it suddenly hit me. If I was going to do this, really do this, I had to believe it and BE it. I had to let go of the fear that I was too young. Too this. Too that.

I started saying it, and answering with it whenever anyone asked me what I did. I inserted it into my email signature and printed business cards. All of this happened before I started training with Coach Jeannine Yoder in Mentor Masterclass.


Limiting beliefs that you don’t need

Sometimes we are completely held back by the idea that in order to be something different to what we have been, we have to work for years, and jump through a lot of hurdles, AND struggle a lot! We feel that in order to achieve great things and to be able to share them with the world, we need years of experience and in this field in particular, we worry that we can’t become a coach if we are young.

We complain about how many hours we spent at the office and how we have no time to do anything.

Suffering and stress are worn proudly for all to see as signs that we deserve success for all that we have endured. Anyone who thinks that they can achieve the same results faster, and with less stress, is a freeloading, lazy, dreamer.

Any of this sound familiar? You might find yourself surrounded right now by people who would probably look at you with suspicion and doubt. What do you mean you are now a Life Coach? Just like that? That´s not the way the world works!


The real answer to “Can I become a coach if I am young?” – YES!

I have news for them and you!

That´s exactly how the world works!

At least for people who have pushed past their comfort zone and have excelled at what they love to do. And that´s the kind of person I wanted to become. These people believe in what they do and this comes across in every part of their being.

They don’t ramble or get shy when people ask them what they do, they don’t beat around the bush and they certainly don’t wait for degrees or public approval in order to start.

I believe that being young has nothing to do with whether you can be a coach because in order to have strength to sustain you in your career, it must come from within. If you are relying on external factors such as training, validation, applause, then you will fall apart when these things are not there.

And there will be times when they might not be in abundance and you just have to push through.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is as Steven Pressfield would say, the difference between an amateur and a pro. A pro works consistently, with dedication and passion and truly believes they are a pro from day one even if they know they have a lot of work to do. A pro puts on the costume and wears it with pride, even though they know it´s just a costume at the start.


Are sabotaging yourself by thinking you are being realistic?

So if you are thinking among other things “can I become a coach if I am young?” let me tell you right now.

What makes you an amateur isn’t your age or that you´re not “prepared”.

Maybe it´s that you don’t believe it´s possible to BE who you want to be!

Maybe you don’t take concrete, consistent action towards it!

What makes you an amateur is not that you don’t have enough experience, it´s that maybe you stay out all night drinking when you know that the next day you have a lot of things to do and need to be in tip top shape.

What makes you an amateur is that maybe you don’t take care of your body, recognizing that it is the vessel for all the things you want to share with the world.

What makes you an amateur is when you take every glitch as a sign that you are a failure and that you are not meant to be doing this instead, of seeing it as an opportunity to improve or look for another route.

For me, figuring this out, and now seeing it confirmed in books and by influential people I look up to, was a huge breakthrough. It gave me the push I needed and I have not looked back since!

What action could you take today to start being a pro? Share with us in the comments below!






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