Here’s another coaching lesson and a chance to experience what coaching feels like when you receive it.

And as you watch this video you will feel my heart and soul right next to you because this is a ritual that is near and dear to my heart.  I share it with you with a fierce belief that it will help you work through any fear and any struggle now and in the future.  I want you to make it through the block this time sister.  And I know you will.


It’s the perfect thing to help you right now, if you need an extra dose of courage to take this empowering next step and apply for Mentor Masterclass.

In the coaching world this is called a “change in state.” It’s sometimes called a coaching “triad” because it works on three levels:

1) Your physiology (how you feel in your body)
2) Your language (the words you’re using to express yourself)
3)  Your beliefs and focus (the kind of things you’re telling yourself are true)

The cool thing is that these three different levels overlap with each other. Which means you can change all three, by starting with just one. When you change one, it helps to change the others.

As you watch this video, make sure you listen to the words, and let the music sink in.

Make sure to dance!

Let yourself notice when you start feeling better in one (or more!) of these three areas.

That’s the power of coaching – pure and raw.

Feeling better happens a LOT when we’re together in Mentor Masterclass, because it’s all about believing in yourself, taking risks, having the courage to help others who really need you right now, and pushing past the fear so you can shine the light that’s glowing inside of you and live the brilliant life you’ve been put on this planet to live.

Turn up your speakers, dance and sing with the video, then let your new change in state help you push past what’s holding you back.

Right after you change your state with our girl Katy, your heart will be open, your fear will be long gone and it will be the perfect energy space you need to fill out your application.

Ya’ with me?

You can finish your application to Mentor Masterclass right here.

Also… remember that your application is the first step, but not a commitment to join.  

When you apply you are showing the Universe that you are ready to take new action. But until your tuition deposit has been made, you are under no obligation.

Your application is also a sign that you’re ready for sisterhood and making a commitment to focus and give your all to this program and the growth of your business.  Not every woman is accepted into Mentor Masterclass and there is a limitation on spaces.