I’m familiar with the questions your eager inner thought leader is guiding you to answer. Click here to listen to the FAQ Call Recording.

I have

  • struggled with the same fears
  • researched every life coach training course possible
  • answered and helped over 200 aspiring life coaches get started

I’m eager to support you and I receive emails every day from new coaches asking if they can “pick my brain”.

I’ve compiled a list of the most important questions and in-the-know solutions below.  Now you don’t have to wait to get the answers you need now and I can spend “brain picking time” supporting the women in Mentor Masterclass (hopefully that includes you someday soon).

Please take time to look over the questions before connecting with me.

If you have a question that is not answered below please reach out to us at support@mentormasterclass.com.  Myself or a member of the MM team will get back to you within 72 hours of your inquiry.

What are the common mistakes aspiring coaches make and how can I avoid them?

There are 3 mistakes new coaches make that can easily be avoided and there are a few action steps you should be taking right now that will make success inevitable for you as a new coach.

1. Hire a Life Coach Before You Become One

If you’re going to try to convince people of the benefits of hiring a life coach, it helps to prove you actually believe in the value of coaching.  All coaches should start with the personal experience of investing in a life coach.

“Walk Your Talk” is one of the core values in Mentor Masterclass.  That is why I believe you must invest in coaches training that includes personal attention from an active leader.  In Mentor Masterclass you get me as your personal coach.  I have organized you monthly workbooks into 4 focuses and I have packed your weekly homework with coaching from me.  The first week of every month I dedicate my attention and your training on supporting you in mastering the tools you are learning in your own life.  I also provide you with an accountability partner who will act as your personal 1:1 coach throughout the program.  You will have 2 coaches at all times focused on supporting you in a total life overhaul.  Mentor Masterclass is guaranteed to change your life, even if you never actually decide to coach full time.

Your own experience working the tools in your life is powerful because you will use your personal stories and experience to enroll new clients.  The results you will embody in your own life will be impossible to miss and this will become your greatest marketing tool for getting your first paying clients.  The universal energy that is on your side will make you like the most magnetic women in the room.

During my life coach training I was the only coach out of 20 in the course who invested in hiring a life coach early on.  We were not taught to have a coach and it was not included in our training.  I believe hiring one was the secret key to getting 15 paying clients within 3 months of starting my business.  I was the first coach to get paying clients and reach 5 figures in my first few months coaching.

Private coaching with me is not included in Mentor Masterclass but you will receive plenty of 1:1 time and feedback from me in our group sessions.  You’re partner will act as your private coach and this will be one of your favorite parts of the course.  Your partner will also switch every month so you will get plenty of opportunity to experience sisterhood with the powerful woman I personally accept into the masterclass.  I will also be listening to your recorded sessions each month where you will be acting as the coach and sharing personal feedback to help you improve.

You will receive exclusive guidance from the celebrity mentors in their recorded video training and will be invited to engage with them 1:1 through social media platforms during the mentors featured month in the course.

2. Start Coaching Right Away

Many new coaches hide behind training and spend months overloading on education or the certification requirements other programs require, before taking the most important step.

Coaching clients live in a session is the first thing you should be doing and there is no reason to wait.  To do this you MUST get coach training so that you are a confident and effective coach.

But you’ve got to join a training program that lets you coach from DAY 1.  Not only is it important so that you don’t forget what you are learning and get real time experience using the conversation models live in a session, but you will also get paid sooner then coaches who wait.  The real truth is that you will become all of yourself as a thought leader by opening up the door to witnessing your unique brilliance in acting.  You learn who you like coaching and what tools are most natural to you.  Honestly, I could go on and on and that’s why I have made sure that you are constantly coaching in Mentor Masterclass right from the very beginning.

You must be taught to coach with confidence while you are learning the tools and techniques you will use in your client sessions.

Prospecting, discovering your unique coaching genius and establishing your niche are the most effective steps to actually making money as a coach.

When should you get started on this? Yesterday.

I dedicate week 2 of our live classes and your workbooks to teaching you to use the conversation tools and techniques you are learning and practicing them live in a session with your accountability partner.  Every week you will meet with your accountability partner where you will be their active life coach.

Every 3 months your partner will change so you get accustomed to working with different personality types.  The beautiful part is that over the course of the year you are in community with Mentor Masterclass you will form strong connections and bonds with your sisters in training.

My mission is to get you completely comfortable embodying yourself as a leader and coach by week two of your very first week in Mentor Masterclass.

Week 3 every month is dedicated to nothing but learning to prospect and I make this part of class, super fun.  I want you to make back your class investment as early as possible in the course and I have set it up so that you have the resources and accountability to make this a reality in month one of the program.

3.  Looking to Certification For Confidence

Yes, you need education, tools and techniques and certification has nothing to do with how ready you are to make money as a coach.  Certification is not going to hand you success on a silver platter and the truth is certification is not necessary to become a life coach.

There is no nationally recognized certification for coaching.  Which means certification does not make a difference.

Most coaches look to certification simply as a means to feel superior or important.  The scary truth is the majority of the certification courses lack a lot of the actual skills it takes to make money as a coach.

You will graduate with no paying clients and most likely will end up investing further money, before you have actually made any, in additional business training.

My belief is that these big time training schools only keep you from getting started, put restrictions on your ability to explore your unique zone of genius from the beginning and do not cultivate the value and actions that really create success.

I have only ever been asked once if I was a certified coach and the answer was, no.  She hired me after her free consultation anyway.

The clients you are meant to serve will hire you because you are the coach for them.

I have designed Mentor Masterclass to exceed the expectations of a normal certification program while teaching you to value and assess your coaching skills by practicing with real people and building your business from the beginning of your education.

In Mentor Masterclass your confidence and value will not come from a piece of paper, it will come from the experience you have mastered in class and the paying clients you have signed as a result of following the prospecting and marketing action steps provided for you each month.



Will you be our primary instructor?

Yes, and each month I will feature a celebrity coach and exclusive training from this mentor to support you.


Is Mentor Masterclass the name of the program or is it a different class?

There are 2 different enrollment options for Mentor Masterclass.

1. Mentor Masterclass Life Coach Training is an all-in, one year program, for the brand new coach. You will be fully immersed into community support, personal attention from me, complete life coach training and exclusive business training from 12 celebrity mentors.

2. Mentor Masterclass Self Study is virtual training for the already trained coach who wants the exclusive advice from the 24+ celebrity mentors and would like to navigate the interviews on your own time.


Do we get 1:1 coaching with the featured mentor each month?

Some of the mentors will be offering free sessions as a gift to Mentor Masterclass coaches.  However, the training from the mentors is not live.  This training will be provided video recording.  Some of the mentors will provide a live Q & A for the students during their featured month.  This is not guaranteed.


How does Accountability in the program work?

Accountability is lead by me each week in our live calls and in the exclusive private Facebook Group that is available to MM students only.  Every week we start an accountability thread to be updated weekly in our private Facebook group.  I will  prompt you to declare your accountability after each live class and you will declare your progress.

We also use a “Play Full Out Checklist” each week where I hold you accountable to the core actions that will help you become an embodied thought leader.  Ever month there are healthy charts released tracking the leaders in action in our sisterhood.  Each month bonus prizes are rewarded to the woman who play full out.

You will love the motivation the rewards and pride will activate in you.  Your own success will become a very exciting habit that feels good time and time again as you bust through road blocks and celebrate your rapid success.


How many women will you accept in Mentor Masterclass?

I will accept 45 active students per year.  An average of 15 women will show up for the live calls each week as many women choose to listen to the course on replay.  Your sister circle groups will be 8 women or less depending on current class size.  My intention is that you have the experience of as much 1:1 feedback from me as you need.  I cultivate space each week for every women in the sisterhood to be seen, heard, felt and supported.


What do you do if someone is struggling in class?

I have found that that the power of sisterhood, a mentor who believes in you and community is the way to break through any struggle.  Every week you meet with your sister circle and every month I will join in on a sister circle session with you outside of our weekly classes to start off every week.

Your success in the class will depend on what you put into it and how open you are to working through your fears.  I will be here for you every step of the way.  Struggle can sometimes be a good sign, it means you are growing and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

We will be together for an entire year, there is a reason I designed the class this way.  When you come up against a challenge, I want to be there to support you through it.  It is likely we will experience adversity in the process of launching your business.  The course work I have designed will help you to discover the tools and techniques you need to approach difficult times with clear headed, embodied courage.  I’ll be here to remind you that you have everything you need and to provide you with anything outside of your reach.


My coach is another coach in training, correct?

You will have a partner who is another coach in training and you will coach each other.

You will also receive feedback and laser coaching from me:

  • live in our weekly group class
  • once a month in your weekly sister circle calls
  • as needed in our private FB group
  • as needed in our exclusive Google Group Email (which gets top priority response from me)


I’d be really interested in learning about the many types of coaching it sounds like you touch on throughout the class (i.e. relationships, health, life purpose, law of attraction etc) but at the moment I think I’m more interested in coaching entrepreneurs and career transition coaching. Are those topics you address in the course? And do you recommend getting accredited for that?


Yes we spend a full month on career coaching.  Coaching entrepreneurs and career transitions (the majority of the woman I serve) you are going to need to know how to coach on their health, relationships, life purpose, time management, and all the themes we study each month in Mentor Masterclass.  Just as a health coach will be more of a master having experience being able to lead clients through relationship challenges and career blocks to enable them to be healthier happier humans.

The celebrity mentors talk a lot about coaching entrepreneurs in the interview training we’ve created for you so you will learn many additional tools and techniques outside of what you learn in the month we master career and entrepreneur coaching.

I only recommend getting certified when you are interested in doing corporate coaching working for large companies.


Is most of your coaching online? Do you do any in-person coaching?


Mentor Masterclass is all over the phone and online.

Every year we will hold a live, in person, weekend retreat for the Mentor Masterclass community.  If you attend this retreat during your active year in any Mentor Masterclass program you will receive a considerable discount on admission.

I wouldn’t be able to join the live classes because of work. Are there other opportunities to connect with the community? I love that aspect of the class but am worried that I won’t benefit as much because I won’t be able to join live.


Many of the women in the class have not been able to join us live each week due to 9-5 jobs.  These women have not had any trouble being completely connected in sisterhood.

Your sister circles will be organized based off of the availability of the group I hand select for you and I personally do my best to make sure there is a group time that works for you.

Your accountability sessions with your partner will be arranged between the two of you at mutually convenient times.

Most of the connecting happens in the sister circle sessions, through our Google group email, private Facebook Group and outside of class and on your own with your class mates.

You will be put into a smaller sister circle group and once a month I will jump on a call with you.  We will set that at a time that is convenient for everyone in your group and that will be your time to get full support and laser coaching from me.


If I start and decide I want to quit Mentor Masterclass, what are my options?

There is a 30 day money back guarantee with the contingency that you complete all of your homework and participate full out with all action assignments.  After 30 days you are responsible for the full payment of the course and to fulfill the agreement option you choose when you start the program.

If you have a question that is not answered below please reach out to us here  support@mentormasterclass.com.  Myself or a member of the MM team will get back to you within 48 hours of your inquiry.