Jessika BaptistWho Are You and Who Do You Coach?

I’m Jessika Baptist and I am a New York based lover of freedom, authenticity and keeping it real.
I coach men and women on how to cash in on the life they deserve. I believe everything we do and have done is a deposit or withdrawal of self worth.

Why Did You Join Mentor MasterClass (MM) and When?

I joined MM in September 2013 because I was tired of living someone else’s lie instead of my own truth. I was ready to realize my dreams with real eyes and I was tired of chasing it when I knew I could be living it.

What is 1 Thing You Love About Mentor MasterClass?

I absolutely love the variety of our group (every one has their own genius and it shines through, effortlessly.)

What is 1 Thing That Is Special About You?

I can turn any moment into a party. I love my unique abilities and I’m not afraid to express them or encourage others to express themselves in their own way.

How Can People Get In Touch With You?


Twitter: @JessikaBLC



Instagram: @JessikaBaptist